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5 questions to ask when starting your estate planning in Orange County, CA
May 19, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 questions to ask when starting your estate planning in Orange County, CA

Estate planning in Orange County, CA is an important part of preparing the division of your estate for your relatives after you pass away. Whether you’ve started the process or need to complete it, it’s common to have questions for your estate planner. To help get you started with the process, our team at Transformation Finances has compiled five common questions that you should ask.

How long have you been involved with estate planning?

The first and most important question to ask your estate planner is how long they’ve been working in the field. They should be experienced in the practice and be able to help you understand the gravity of your actions. An experienced estate planner will know how to assist you in analyzing tax liabilities associated with your estate as well as provide consultation with your attorney.

Why do I need to start thinking about my estate?

Life is fragile and we never know how long we have left. It can be a frightening thought to have, but perspective helps to bring an understanding of urgency. Should you fail to put together an estate plan prior to death, your family will have to do far more deliberating about how to divide the estate and could ultimately end up paying more taxes.

How is my property transferred after I die?

As a part of your estate plan, you will need to file a transfer-on-death deed. This allows you to specify the new legal owner of the estate without them having to go through probate and the courts deciding who is the rightful heir. This allows for an executor of the estate to fulfill your final wishes.

What happens if I die before my will is finalized?

If you have not completed your will or estate plan before you die, local intestacy laws take effect that is applicable to the area in which you lived. This means that the probate court will take control of the estate and distribute it among your heirs as they see fit.

How much of your time is dedicated to estate planning?

Understanding how much time an estate planner has to dedicate to your plan is a delicate balance. You want your planner to have time to fully assist you in the process and answer any questions that you might have. However, it can be a red flag if they seem overly eager to get started on your estate plan. This could be because they don’t have enough work to keep them busy, which is a sign that they don’t do as good of work as somebody else. It could also mean that they don’t have many estate plans that they’re working on so they don’t have the experience that you want. Feel out the answer to this question for yourself.

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Get started on your estate plan today so you’re not caught unprepared should the unthinkable happen. At Transformational Finances, we can help you with your estate planning so that your family is not left without a plan or answers after you pass. We have years of experience working in estate planning in Orange County, CA, and can help you with yours. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation. You can reach our office at 310-407-2824. If you have questions before getting started, please don’t hesitate to send a message using our contact form or send an email directly to We look forward to working with you.